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Vishva Guru Bharat

Bharat can become Vishva Guru also because of its message of great love and great compassion for all. We believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, the world is one family. And now, is time that the entire world also imbibes the spirit.

The idea is to celebrate the notion of India – being the 'best in class' in social, political and economic realm – shared by every Indian.

AtmaNirbhar Bharat

India is a big and the fast growing market for a majority of the product categories and with the mantra of ‘vocal for local’, the promulgation of local brands, manufacturing and supply chain will provide a big boost to India’s economy.

Indian word for culture is ‘Sanskriti’. Over the years, numerous styles of art, architecture, painting, music, dance, festivals and customs have developed in India and this wide variety has made the Indian culture unparalled to which the entire world still looks up to. The cultural heritage of India still flourishes maintaining its original features together along with changes,a key indicator of its strength.

The ideals of human resolve, kindness and selflessness will be celebrated and promoted during the course of the events. With the element of inclusion in the conventional storyline, local history shall find place under the "Dekho Apna Desh". Every state and UT is planning events in accordance with this theme. Chief secretaries from every state and UT are planning two/three historical events of local importance. The idea of unsung heroes will be intricately linked to the Visit India Year 2022 wherein regional art, culture, heritage, wellness and yoga shall be promoted.

Independence 2.0

For a successful Independence 2.0, the sentiments of India's rich cultural heritage will be tapped. All the aforementioned elements (such as Visva Guru Bharat, Aatmanirbhar Bharat) will be imbibed in spirit while implementing this vision. Along with imbibing ethos, marketing battles will also have to be fought in the fast evolving consumer world. Once this is achieved, then the same ethos will be carried at the globular stage – with Indian products competing across international categories. Thus, walking on the path towards the long awaited aspiration of India as 'Nation of the Future'.

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